ASMR Dark Reiki Role Play & Energy Healing with Candle, Reiki Symbols and Crystals (ENG, Whisper)


It doesn’t matter are you searching for Reiki or ASMR – I’ll try to help everyone as much as I can. Hope, you feel calmness and light emotions after this video!
This is a kind of Dark Reiki Role Play, there I do try to help you but still I have some secrets 🙂 You’ll never know what happened after this practice! But one thing is absolutely true – you will be fine!)


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I am very grateful to everyone who appreciates my work, leaves suggestions, requests and helpful comments about shortcomings of video and how to fix them. Each new subscriber makes me happy, because I understand that I’m able to bring people peace and save from insomnia. This is very important for me. And I’m happy that I can help someone.

Thank you for watching this video!

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