Heart Chakra Yoga Poses 💚 Love, Joy & Inner Peace – Anahata Chakra Yoga Class | Chakra Challenge

These heart chakra yoga poses are our gateway to love, joy and inner peace. Today, we are going to have a yoga class focusing on the fourth chakra or the anahata chakra. Welcome to week 4 of the chakra challenge! The fourth chakra is a powerful point of intersection, located at the area of your heart and lungs, it’s element is air. This is so exciting because we are at the central point of our chakra system, with 3 chakras below and 3 chakras above.

The heart is the physical bridge between the physical world and the mental world. The heart chakra is where the he mind and body unite. You can visualize this chakra as the color green or as a six-pointed star. Make sure you’re signed-up to receive the fourth chakra podcast in which I go deep on the heart chakra and how you can ignite this chakra’s power to live a joyful life â™Ĩ http://www.brettlarkin.com/chakra

Thanks for joining me for the anahata chakra yoga class. Please don’t forget to subscribe!

From my heart to yours, Namaste!
Brett Larkin xoxo

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