(John Of God Crystal Bed) Reiki Energy Healing – John of God Crystal Bed Energy Bath Los Angeles

(John Of God Crystal Bed Healing) (Reiki Energy Healing) John of God Crystal Bed Energy Bath – Spiritual Healing Torrance – Los Angeles

Reiki Energy Healing & Crystal Bed Color Therapy

Call me at 310.592.1813 or email me at carloscaridad@reikienergyhealingla.org to experience the healing combination of Crystal-Bed Color Therapy and Reiki Bioenergy Healing!

“This is my first Reiki energy healing session. Carlos asked me to set an intention before receiving the crystal bed healing. I did it silently and Carlos didn’t know it.”
“Carlos did the hands-on Reiki session, placing his hands on different parts of my body”
“After the Reiki session I told him that I have seen a light, a visual light:. He asked me what color? I said a pink, yellowish, cream, white light color and he had no idea what my intention was because I did it silently. He said that pink is the color of Love, which is pretty neat because that was my intention to begin with!”
“During the session I felt like a live-dream state? At other times I felt chuckling, a very happy feeling. I can not really tell why… [laughing] just felt that way {laughing again]. It felt really good. I remember a kind of smiling; I don’t recall exactly what was smiling at… I felt really good”.
“I felt really relaxed…”

A crystal bed is a new color-therapy energy healing technology that sends energy to a person’s main energy centers (chakras) through seven-high quality crystals. Energy centers are strengthened and energy blockages removed during the process.

The crystals emit colored light corresponding to the seven main energy centers (chakras):

From bottom to top, color, chakra name and Sanskrit name:

Red, Root Chakra; Muladhara
Orange, Sacral Chakra, Svadhisthana
Yellow, Solar Plexus; Manipura
Green, Heart Chakra; Anahata
Blue, Throat Chakra; Vishuddha
Indigo; Spiritual Eye; Ajna
Violet, Crown Chakra; Sahasrara

I use the crystal bed first, for 20 or 40 min, then the Reiki session. The healing with the crystals energy opens up the clients receptivity, making the Reiki Bioenergy healing more effective and powerful.

Crystal bed healing session can be taken by it self in periods of 20, 40 and maximum of 60 min a day.

According to my clients, the combination of the crystal bed healing and my Reiki energy healing has been more effective and different than only Reiki sessions.

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