Law of Attraction Q & A with Aaron Doughty (My First One EVER)

This is my First ever Q & A. A couple weeks ago I asked if you guys had questions for this vid and I have answered many of them. Many are on a balance of the Law of Attraction and then some personal as well. Hope you guys enjoy, Much love! Transcript below…
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Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron. I hope people expanded their consciousness. Now this video what I’m going to be doing is a Q&A. It is my first ever Q and A and what I did is it’s actually weeks ago that I put this in a video I asked you guys for questions and I got a whole bunch of questions and then it’s just taking me a couple of weeks to get to this point. Now some of you know I had the ability recently to leave the job that I was at for like four years which is really cool. And now I have the ability to put more time into youtube more time into creating content for you guys. So I’m finally getting to the point where I can create this Q&A. So I thought this would be just a little bit more casual So it’s like we’re just sitting here kind of having this conversation and what I’ll do now is I’m just going to answer some questions some of them are going to be like more personal some of them are going to be more on the information that I share on the channel.
A lot of them are the Law of Attraction. Go figure. I mean that’s what I share a lot of the show. So I get it. So first of all answer how about a personal one. I get this question a lot actually. How do you get your teeth so white.
So I don’t whiten them. I don’t go and I don’t put like Crest white strips or anything like that. What I do is I just brush them twice a day and or three times a day. Just depends on the day. And I used Tom’s toothpaste which is fluoride free and clear which I do also keep in mind I do have a ring light that I use which might make my teeth whiter than they are. They are pretty white though to be honest with you. So I get asked a lot that you know not to be cocky about it but it is what it is.
Where do you see the sweet spot between taking action and letting go. Could be is it sometimes we’re taking too much and waste and energy or useless stuff are not enough to realistically hit our goals. So
this is a question about taking action and letting go and this is something that is very important now when it comes to it. It’s about really just being aware of the kind of action you’re taking and what kind of results you are getting. So you might see that if you take a couple a whole bunch of action action action action but you’re not getting results. It may mean that you need to re iterate or figure out what actions have highest leverage. So it’s about really being aware of what that is. Now for me for example I decided to make a video a day and I realized that making a video a day was the highest leverage thing that would completely change my life. Like I remember I was sitting there and I was like What is the one thing that if I did every day in a year could profoundly changed my life and for me that was making a video and I made that decision back in February and since February a lot has changed because of that decision.
Now this is something I also hammerin a lot. And I remember the other day somebody commented on channel and I was like you don’t get it it’s not about taking action for the Law of Attraction. You hammer. You know like it’s not about action it’s about more just thinking about it. And you know any successful person that you can study and I know there’s anomalies I know there’s exceptions but in general for most people any successful people that you can read their biographies or learn about people that have grown businesses they’ve had to at some point take action. Now I’m not saying take action to a point to where it’s like your nose to the grindstone and you hate taking action when you do what you love.
Action is a natural part of it. You love taking action. And I mean find me one person that has really been able to create massive success and somebody that we really look up to and they’ve taken massive action before. And for me it’s one of the thing in the Law of Attraction community that I think is just really underemphasized That’s why I kind of explain it so much because with the movie The Secret and a lot of people that talk about the law of attraction it’s all about the energy it’s all about the thinking. Well that was me that was me for like two years of having this YouTube channel.
I sat around and I was all focused on the energy I was all focused on the vision for what I want to create. But guess what. It didn’t really pick up until I took massive action and that’s when everything happened so I only say because I’ve learned it from experience. If you have just created you know something magnificent and amazing success for yourself without taking action…

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