Law of Attraction Sleep Technique For Attracting What You Want

This video will show you a powerful technique to use BEFORE you Sleep to attract what you want. This technique is done before bed and involves NLP. I will provide a process that change TRANSFORM your life if applied for a consistent amount of time. Transcript below…
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Welcome back to another video My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now this video I’m going to be sharing with you how you can sleep and grow rich with this technique. Now the idea behind this is understanding that we have an ability to influence our subconscious mind in a very powerful way. And what all we doing at this video is giving you some practical tools towards applying what is called this an LP technique. Neuro-Linguistic Programming using this powerful tool to influence your subconscious mind in a powerful way so that over the course of the next couple of weeks you feel completely different about yourself and you start to see massive results in your life. Now this is something that I’ve talked before about on this channel is understanding the power of the the window. Right before we go to bed at night the 10 to 15 minute window is when our brain wave activity is going for more of a alpha beta state into a theta state and that theta state is where we have much more power over our subconscious mind.
We’re much more closer to the suggestibility of our subconscious mind and as we feel the emotions as we go to bed and that’s when we have the most power over influence in our subconscious mind now not to die just kind of gave it a basis there so we know the context of the video that I’m about to do in the technique I’m about to give you because what I’ve found recently this is something that for me is just a couple of weeks old as I’ve been doing this technique and it’s been given me amazing results and what I did is I just applied this A.P. technique to this idea of understanding it is something that as if it was my life in many ways.
Now here’s the technique and here’s what we’re going to do. What we’re going to do is we’re going to break down first off the intention for what we want to create in our life or one major thing that we want to happen. What we do is we focus on that one thing we focus and we turn it into what is called a mental image a mental image could be a snapshot. It could be one scene like kind of like in a movie of something that makes you feel a certain way. Now this is important as you look at this mental image. Let me give you some examples. Say your intention is to run your own business or to make a certain amount per month or per year.
Have a visualization or a snapshot of what that means to you or a scenario of you being in that see yourself in that situation and really make sure you can feel it if you’re having a hard time feeling. You could just put your hands over your heart like this and you could focus on being in that situation. Now the idea is that as you are evoking in this emotion as you are looking at that snapshot that represents a symbol to you that symbol is what you want to create. And that symbol is also the emotions that that feeling or that the emotions of what that snapshot will bring you whatever the manifestation is that you want. Now what we are going to do with this A.P. technique is we’re going to anchor that snapshot anchor that whole idea into one word that word can be whatever’s related to it.
So let me give you an example of a couple of different ways we can do that. Me I use the word of either abundance or wealth now. Wealth because my intention is to be able to grow myself and grow within and and also grow without so that I can have more freedom to make different types of content for you guys. So I have a certain image of what that would represent to me which has to do. I’ll just let you just tell you guys what it is is traveling and being able to speak. So I had that image of me you know being told to get on planes going up going places and then being in front of a crowd and speaking as I have that image.
There is a certain emotion that that invokes within me. And then what I do is I anchor in an as I’m in the peak of that visualization. What I do is I think of the word wealth or the word abundance. And what I do is I create an anchor with my hands. For me I just pinch my index finger to my thumb like this. Now this creates a physical anchor to where in the future as I look at this image or as I even go like this there is an ability to generate that state from within. Now what you can do is say you have a visualization of you want to be in a relationship. So what you can do is you could think of being in the relationship a certain scenario and what you do is you wait till you get to the peak of that moment until…

This video is about Sleep and Grow Rich Technique to Influence Your Subconscious Mind

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