The Secret to Expectation and Surrender (At The Same Time) with the Law of Attraction

In this video I’m going to show you the delicate balance between expectation and NOT being attached to the outcome with the Law of Attraction. When we get to the middle of that EVERYTHING begins to change. Transcript below….
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This video I’m going to show you the delicate balance between expectation to also not be attached to the outcome and how. Right. When we get to the middle of that everything begins to change. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I’ll be able to expand their consciousness.
Now this video I’m sharing I will be sharing with you the power of expectation and the paradox of how we can expect something to happen but not be attached to the outcome at the same time. What I’m going to show you are some practical tools towards really being able to surrender to way more expansive energy within you that will transform the way you see the world and the way that you really learn how to trust the process. Now a lot of the information on this channel has been about the Law of Attraction but what I want to do is I want to begin going deeper than just the law of attraction. I want to explain how there’s a consciousness within you that when you expand yourself beyond just the ego mind just the ego perspective there is so much more available to you. And there’s really so much more of what you can attain.

Now let’s look at it from this. When it comes to understanding the ego realize that what we can create from our ego at a certain level our ego is necessary in order for us to have a physical experience in order for us to determine where our likes are and what our dislikes are. So it’s still a necessary component. The issue is when we become identified with the ego in thinking that our ego has to do everything that’s one resistance many times will come up because what we do is we put everything on our back. We say I can’t think this one negative thought and then we build resistance around it we think I can’t do this or it’s I have to do everything to do with it. It’s about understanding the balance of doing everything you can in the present moment.

So also being present to the moment but not being attached to how things happen. Now what happens is when we let go and we start to trust the process we expand ourselves out. And then the universe whatever label we want to give it can start to actually work for us. There is a huge difference when you start to do this. Now

let me give you an example. If I were to tell you that I was going to take you to Mexico next week you don’t have anything to worry about. I was going to take you to Mexico now then I would say hey we’re going to leave on this day and we’re going to go. Now the idea is that if I were to say that and you were to start worrying about it you would skip over analyze it and keep thinking about it you would build up negative resistance there and it wouldn’t be necessary. Now what if the idea were you were to just trust the process in the same way you would trust if I were to tell you to take you to Mexico next or somebody you know would take you because you know maybe idealistically that you know realistically that’s not going to happen. But who knows maybe one day. But the idea is that if someone that you trust and know where to tell you that you would trust the process and you would just say OK.

But many times what we do is we put it out there that we want something that we expect something to happen. But then we start going over the details and we start looking at how everything is going to happen and we muddle up that energy we muddle up that focus. Now what we can learn to do is to simply trust the process in knowing that we must do the best we can do in the present moment. But there is a larger scale of energy now the way I’m going to do this is I’m going to show another example and I show this chart all the time. It’s going to be the benchmark for a lot of the things I explain because it’s about elevating the states of consciousness. Look at this chart of emotion and understand that when we are in the egotistical or the self image part of manifestation so we’re focused on our self image that is mainly what we could call the third Shakara right that is the willpower that we have.

That is the identification. There’s a certain level of success that we can have from manifesting from that point of view and having those perspectives. But we get into a completely new paradigm when we decide to observe it. We decide to willingness and observe that neutrality we decide to let it go and we start coming from a point of love we start coming from a point of service to others we start coming from this…

This video is about How to Use Expectation and Surrender At The Same Time (The Secret to MASSIVE Results)

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